Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning Commercial Vacuum Review

The feel in relaxing on your couch and feeling the gentle breeze from the comfort of your living room with no trace of dust is a delightful and satisfying lifestyle.

Keeping your living room and another part of your house clean and void of dust can be tedious and grimy. However, deploying a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner can do you the benefit of making this routine task an exciting and fruitful one.

The Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is another, in the series of remarkable cleaning devices made by Sanitaire, the world’s renowned and trusted producers of quality and durable cleaning devices at affordable prices. The device features high-end built-in cleaning technologies, engineered to perform with outstanding aptitude, which makes is rivaled to no other cleaning device. I bought this product couple of months ago and following my sincere and strict analysis, I have compiled this review to guide you to a wiser vacuum cleaner purchasing device.

Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning Commercial Vacuum

Product Features:
The design and make of this device is one that awards to it stunning cleaning performance; it can scoop dirt accumulated in corners and crevices where you never clean. With its well-sealed HEPA-ready filtration technology, a device is an ultimate option for cleaning of bare floors and hard surfaces and leaks no dust or dirt in the process. The device has a sleek and compact design, which enhances its mobility for a smart and easy use.

The device is incredibly light-weighted with a total weight of 10 pounds, which makes it suitable for commercial and bulk cleaning services. It comes with hose extensions for cleaning of both thin and heavy sheath carpets and rugs.

The device features a built-in telescope to spot and scoop dirt in tiny crack and crevices along with a dusting brush. It features a 7-feet hose and comes with a shoulder strap to free your hands of holding it and a 20-feet power cable with a double wall insulation to prevent untimely electric shocks.

It has an optional HEPA exhaust filter. At its peak performance, it can hold up to 99.97% of dust, fragments of decomposed animals and organic matter of sizes even as tiny and as 0.3 microns. The vacuum cleaner can clean within a 9-inches width.

With all these amazing features and aptitude, the device has a relatively low power consumption of 1200 Watt. The device has been tested, tried and certified with a CRI green label by its meeting and passing strict standards and measures for soil removal, dust-retaining rate and maintaining of carpet appearance. In addition to these outstanding features, Sanitaire has added a cool and trustworthy 2-year warranty, to kill your doubts and to cater for your unprecedented damages that may incur in purchasing of this device.

Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning
Pros and Cons:
It is easy to work with and powerful in dust removing. It has low power consumption and comes with a long and well-insulated power cord. It comes with extensions on the hose for special cleaning purpose. Plus, you get a 2-year services and repair warranty from the company. This product like any other surely has some drawbacks, which includes; it is noisy rattling, has a lengthy cord yet no cord rewind system, and I must admit that after a couple of months’ use, the product does deform in engine performance and may need some servicing.

Final verdict:
The device so far serves its fundamental purpose, easy to carry along and cost-effective. The product, like any other, needs some servicing, but it is incredibly durable and has ultimate workload endurance. I must stress that I am not an affiliate of this product, its owner or in any way related to its owner and so, my reviews are legit and void of any credits to my accounts. If you don’t mind coping with its drawbacks, then this product is the ultimate choice for your cleaning purposes.
I hope all hesitant and doubting minds are well informed for a wiser vacuum cleaner purchasing decision.