Canister Vacuum -Buying Guide

Canister Vacuum -Buying Guide

There are many types of canister vacuum models available on the market. Choosing the right model of canister vacuum for the perfect cleaning job is an exciting challenge task because it stored in various models and brands with each feature, performance specification, and accessories.

When choosing the right models of a canister vacuum, there are many factors to determine, such as; price range, durability, power consumption, performance, accessories, and other features. The right vacuum cleaner is also depending on specific buyer needs. Before you buy a canister vacuum, it is recommended to start read this canister vacuum buying guide which explains everything information about what to look for. This buying guide will help you to choose the right models and brands of vacuum cleaners efficiently based on your needs.

Top 5 Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Set your budget

The budget that you are willing to invest in a vacuum cleaner is a crucial factor. You probably do not want to waste time looking at models of the vacuum outside of your budget range. For most other home appliances, a good model vacuum cleaner tends to be costly, but some brands offer a good value and model for your budget. A good vacuum cleaner can clean your home for a long time and serve you in long-term investment.


A good vacuum cleaner is indicated by the efficiency of engine power consumption. Many models of vacuum cleaners have engine power between 1,200-2,000 Watts. Some vacuum cleaners have the same value of engine power, but different in power consumption efficiency. The most important is choosing the green vacuum cleaner that has a perfect cleaning ability with low engine power consumption.

 Flow vs Depression rate

The flow and depression rate is another indicator to choose the best performance of a vacuum cleaner. The depression rate indicates the ability of machines to create a vacuum, especially for cleaning carpets. The flow rate indicates the ability of a vacuum cleaner machine for cleaning hard floors.

 Power selector

A good vacuum has a power selector that helps you to adapt the machine with low noise and low engine power consumption in cleaning smooth or hard carpet.

 Ease to Maintain and Handle

A good vacuum cleaner should be easy to maintain and handle to protect you from back pains, waste time and getting tired.

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 Wheel vs. power cord canister vacuum

The wheel of the vacuum cleaner should be large enough when you want to clean a thick carpet. If you choose too small a wheel, then the machine will get stuck with a power cord or obstacle. It can break the flexible hose and hurt your back immediately. If you choose a heavier vacuum cleaner, it will hard to drag and carry down and upstairs.

 The power cord of the vacuum cleaner should be long enough at least twenty feet that help you to clean a large room without the need to get another electric plug. If you have a room with spacious size, then these criteria become an important thing to consider when choosing the best vacuum cleaner. Most of canister vacuum cleaner has a retractable power cord and rewind automatically. If you have a small room, choosing a compact and smaller canister vacuum cleaner is the right decision to allow you to clean the room and storage the machine easier.

 Bagged vs bagless

A bagged canister vacuum cleaner with auto seal is a good model to provide a high level of filtration system. This model is cheaper than another type, durability, and low noise. However, this model needs to replace the bags on a regular basis and you will create extra expenses for it.

 A bagless canister vacuum is more efficient than the bagged model. The benefit of this model can eliminate bag replacement and reduce the additional budget for replacement. The best model always keeps a similar suction force as the dust compartment. In order to avoid the noise level and release of dust when you maintain a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner with an auto seal bag that can close automatically if your vacuum is open and easy to empty for the dust compartment. Regardless of the right model and type of vacuum cleaner, discover a vacuum with a dust compartment and auto seal bags with large enough capacity. The large space of the house to clean, the bigger the vacuum cleaner capacity you need.

 Canister or upright vacuum cleaner?

The canister vacuum cleaner is the perfect cleaning device to clean carpet floors, furniture, bare floors, and easier to carry on stairs. The canister vacuum cleaner has a wheel body and available on the market with behind posture models.

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