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Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner is great for a home that has pets because pet hair can be so sticky, and abundant around the house you really do need a vacuum cleaner that can keep up with amazing suction and a lot of use.

Those who have animals know that they should be vacuuming about 1-3 times per week if they want a clean home. This is where the Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum Cleaner comes into great use. It has been built and designed to suck up dirt, dust, and hair really well, very often…because unfortunately our animals never stop shedding and bringing in the dirt!

  • The thing that attracts most people to this vacuum in the “ball” makes vacuuming very easy because of the great maneuverability you will have. You can move around furniture and other things that lay on your floor. Unlike the big clunky vacuum cleaners that were hard, you turn and swivel the ball on the Dyson DC 41 animal vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming very easy so that you won’t mind doing it often.
  • It features Radial Root Cyclone-TM technology, in which airflow has been remodeled to maximize suction power. There are 3 zones in the canister. The air goes from the outer to the inner getting cleaner as it progresses. The outer one is for big debris and dust, and then air flows through those tiny cyclones on the top and deposits its finer dust in the middle zone.
  • Finally, after leaving those cyclones the air goes through the filter (accessible through the top of the canister) and down the inner zone to the motor then finally out through the filter in the ball. Making it so that every time you suck up new dirt, dust, and debris your floor will become

cleaner and cleaner

Reason to Buy
  • Pull dirt out of somewhere where another vacuum cannot reach.Almost silent did not sound too much. you can talk easily while the vacuum is running


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  • Self-adjusts to the floor, no need to bend down to turn the vacuum.
  • Attachments lock into place and did not come off during use.
  • The canister removes as one unit and dirt did not come on the floor.
  • The rolling brush stops when the vacuum is parked.
  • you can turn off beaters for hard floors.
  • hose pulling for cleaning did not cause the vacuum to fall off.
  • hose springs back when needed and you do not need to fight with.
  • lightweight
  • one-piece wand and you do not need to assemble it to use it
  • Lots of attachment options
  • Washable filters. you can wash once in 3 months. and they look fine and clean dustproof.
  • long electric cord up to 30
  • great design looks, no wasted space.
  • Unclog easily.

Reason to Avoid
  • The wand is a bit awkward; length is a solid 3ft and has to be removed to use tools with the hose
  • The ball takes a little getting used to.
  • The electric cord is not a self-wind up
  • Canister dumps out the bottom – not all the dirt comes out, but most.
  • Most attachments are extra, meaning extra money.
  • Smaller canister than most vacuums, but not bad either.

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