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Dyson V7 Vacuum Review

The Dyson V7 is a powerful lightweight cordless vacuum that makes cleaning up around the house quick and easy. It features a motorized head, three power settings, and an impressive battery life of up to 30 minutes. The dustbin capacity is 0.54 liters, so it can easily take care of your everyday messes without needing to be emptied too often. Not only does the V7 have great suction power, but it also has two additional tools for hard-to-reach and delicate areas—the crevice tool and the soft dusting brush.

The lightweight design and cordless convenience make it incredibly easy to maneuver around furniture and obstacles in your home. It also comes with a wall-mounted docking station, which keeps the vacuum off the floor and charged for whenever you need it. The V7 is also compatible with Dyson’s range of accessories, like the extension hose and mattress tool. All these features make the Dyson V7 a great choice for an everyday vacuum cleaner.

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The price tag may be a bit steep compared to other vacuums on the market, but when you consider all it offers—including its superior suction power and battery life—it’s easy to see why many people choose it over cheaper models. Plus, since this is a cordless vacuum, there are no cables to deal with or wrap up; just grab it and start cleaning.

Overall, the Dyson V7 is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, cordless vacuum that can handle everyday messes. Its powerful motor and impressive battery life make it great for quick cleanups, while its range of accessories and wall-mounted docking station help make the job even easier. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use cordless vacuum that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the Dyson V7.

Our Verdict:

Bare Floors:

The Dyson V7 is the best choice for cleaning bare floors. It’s very effective at sucking up small debris, but bulky material gets stuck in its entryway and then scattered around due to revolves of brushrolls inside! Thankfully this lightweight construction makes it easy enough that you can easily maneuver around with one hand while still being able to take care of all those pesky messes without recurring costs – what more could someone want?

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Strong suction
  • Easy to the empty dirt bin
  • Bulky material can get stuck in the entryway, creating messes
  • No brush roll adjustment is available

Low-Pile Carpets:

The Dyson V7 is great for tackling low-pile carpets, but it’s not the best choice if you have a higher pile or fine fabric. It does an excellent job cleaning up pet hair and most large debris on this surface though; there are two power settings that can be helpful when dealing with stubborn messes! The lack of height adjustment could also make things difficult sometimes–you’ll just need more floor space than usual to get all your floors cleaned without worrying about knocking anything over (and again: don’t forget those curtains!).

As far as battery life goes…well let’s say I was disappointed by what seemed like very unimpressive numbers compared to newer cordless stick vacuums.

Pros & Cons

  • Easily tackles pet hair, large debris, and most messes
  • Great for low-pile carpets
  • Two power settings for stubborn spots
  • Lack of height adjustment can make cleaning up larger areas difficult
  • Poor battery life compared to newer models on the market.

High-Pile Carpet:

The Dyson V7 is a great cleaner for high-pile carpets. It doesn’t have the ability to adjust its height, but this still manages to get an impressive amount of debris off your floor in spite of being on one surface type that typically has more pile than other types like hardwood or ceramic tiles can cope with. The benefits don’t stop there though! You also get minimal recurring costs thanks to so many features such as bagless design and washable filters which are easy cleanup options if anything gets stuck somewhere – plus it’s made from lightweight plastic meaning no worries about durability either way.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful suction
  • Minimal recurring costs with bagless design and washable filters
  • Lightweight plastic construction, making it easy to maneuver around furniture and other objects
  • Lack of height adjustment may limit its effectiveness on thicker carpets.
  • Can be difficult to clean around tight spaces due to the lack of a brush bar.


With its powerful motor and allergy-trapping HEPA filter, the Dyson V7 is a great choice for cleaning up pet hair. It has no problem suckling away at low or high-pile carpets as well! With removable brushrolls that make cutting tangled locks easier than ever before (and an extra turbo tool just in case), this vac will be sure to keep your home free of fuzz everywhere you go – inside AND out.

The allergen capturing technology found only on our latest generation equipment means less frequent cleansings down under; meaning cost savings too?

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful motor
  • Allergy-trapping HEPA filter
  • Removable brushrolls for easy tangles cutting
  • Extra turbo tool included
  • Captures allergens, reducing cleaning frequency
  • Not suitable for hard floors
  • Short battery life when using full power mode regularly


The Dyson V7 is an excellent choice for vacuuming your stairs! It can be used as a handheld vacuum with its wand and floorhead, or you could take out the included turbo brush to make cleaning easier on carpets. The performance of this device will leave even most casual users impressed; it works well on both bare floors (although I recommend using extra accessories) and carpeted surfaces like couch cushions – proving that no matter what type of surface we’re dealing here there’s always something special about our favorite brand.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Powerful enough for stairs and carpets
  • Comes with several accessories for different surfaces
  • Expensive compared to other vacuums on the market
  • Not as good at deep cleaning as some models


The Dyson V7 is a great product for cleaning cars. It can be easily converted into an upright vacuum by removing the extension wand, allowing you to clean tight spots with less effort and reach high places that are otherwise out of your range as well! This lightweight machine also has some awesome attachments including one specifically designed scalie low pile carpeting which will get rid of all those stubborn stains from pet allergies or other messes kids tend to create in their car seats over time

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Can be converted into an upright vacuum
  • Variety of attachments for different tasks
  • Great price point compared to other vacuums
  • Noisier than other vacuums
  • Not as powerful as other models available in the market


The Dyson V7 is a great tool for small household cleanups, but it can’t handle heavier materials and liquids. If you’re looking to use this machine in workshop conditions or if your messes are anything other than light (e acoustic) then I recommend going with something else!

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Great for light messes
  • Quieter than most other vacuums
  • Not designed for heavy materials or liquids
  • Limited battery life, so may need frequent recharging
  • Not suitable for large cleaning jobs

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Test Results:


Build Quality:

Dyson’s newest cordless stick vacuum, the V7 is definitely built for people who love their cleaners to be lightweight and easy to use. Unlike many other models that have plastic construction or wheels which can make them difficult when cleaning stairs with any regularity in mind – this one has an ergonomic handle design so you don’t even need your hands free! There are also lots of accessories available including two bumpers depending on how much furniture placement might challenge most users’ expectations at first glance (though these do get caught).

Most importantly though? This thing actually works surprisingly well while wireless–no longer will tangled messes of predictive technology leaves me sweating buckets trying desperately not to touch anything else by accident thanks.

User Maintenance:

Dirt Compartment:

The dirt compartment is designed to be removable, and it can easily slide out with one hand. Once you’ve removed as much soil or water from inside the machine according to your preferences (often there’s an indicator light), simply push down on top of this piece until all signs have been cleared away – do not grab any loose fabric! If for some reason these methods aren’t working- try using cotton swabs dipped in alcohol; they’ll leave less residue than anything else I’ve tried thus far.”

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The pre-and post-motor filters can be pulled out of the top for easy cleaning. Make sure you let them dry completely before using them again!


When you remove the brushroll door, it’s important to cut away any tangled hair and remove stuck-on debris so your floors stay clean.

Mini Brushroll:

What’s really great about this particular model is that it includes two brushrolls; one main and another turbo. This way, you can take either off to get at any debris or tangled hair with no problem!

Recurring Cost:

Having a vacuum that pays for itself without incurring any significant costs is really nice. The Dyson V8 and this one use bagless designs, so there’s no need to buy new filters as long you clean them regularly!


The Dyson V7 is a great vacuum for those who want to store it in their closet, but don’t have the room. Its tall and narrow design means that you can easily fit this bad boy into any space without difficulty! The extra tools that come with your purchase are also easy enough to store away when they’re not being used which will save valuable floorboard real estate (and keep things clean).

Dirt Compartment:

The dirt compartment on this vacuum is smaller than those found in newer models, but it still does the job. It’s made of clear plastic so you can easily see when it’s full and there are max lines marking how much room your machine has left!

Inside the Box:

Dyson V7 our top-of-the-line cordless vacuum is designed to be sleek and powerful. The head has five different tools so you can clean every inch of your home with ease, while also being able to manage all those tricky crevices that usually leave other vacuums screaming for help! With its soft dusting brush or turbo air flow cavity tool users will have no trouble picking up debris from their carpets as well as hardwood floors—even if they’re not totally flat yet because this baby keeps going until there’s nothing left but piles upon dirty laundry waiting patiently at the door.


The Dyson V7’s range is as vast and never-ending, given the room left in its dirt compartment or how much juice you have remaining.


The Airflow canister vacuum is one of the most lightweight and portable. It’s perfect for those who have small houses or apartments, as it won’t take up too much space on your floorplan! The handle allows you to carry this around when needed – whether that be during cleanings at home or traveling abroad with ease (since there are no bulky attachments). If weight isn’t an issue but portability still matters more than anything else then consider checking out Dyson’s Omni-glide stick/handheld model which has similar power without sacrificing any versatility whatsoever; just make sure not.


The Dyson V7 is a budget-friendly stick vacuum, but it doesn’t perform as well on batteries and has shorter runtimes than other brands. On its highest setting with the wand attached to clean hard surfaces such as wood or marble in your home’s living room – which would require you to use “Max” mode for this task-, users can expect under 10 minutes of runtime before needing another charge from their portable device; even worse still though are these facts: that three hour recharge time without any indicator lights telling us when our battery might power down so we’re left in the dark. Despite this, it still boasts impressive cleaning performance on carpets or low-pile rugs when used correctly!

Quality Of Life Features:

The Dyson V7 is a cordless vacuum with some extra quality-of-life features. You can adjust its power mode between “Powerful” and Max,” There’s also an LED light indicating when it’s done charging, as well as one that shows if there are errors like overheating or battery lowliness (but not both). Unfortunately, this particular model doesn’t have any surface type adjustments, unlike Miele Triflex HX1.

Tools and  Brushes:

The Dyson V7 Animal is a versatile vacuum with many attachments. It includes TurboBrush for cleaning fabric surfaces and soft bristles, Crevice Tool to get rid of crevices in furniture, or upholstery tools that are perfect when you need extra grip on stubborn spots like thick carpeting near club seats! You can attach all the various scrubbing utensils directly onto the wand depending on what kind hits the hardest need at any given moment-or just take advantage of our handy clip so they stay right where we know they’ll be while using every last bit of power through tough job sites.

Alternative Configuration:

The Dyson V7 is a great handheld vacuum with attachments. You can use it as-is, or take out the extension wand and clean it more thoroughly!


Bare Floor Performance (Hardwood, Laminate, Tiles):

The Dyson V7 is a great vacuum for bare floors. It’s able to suck up small amounts of debris like rice grains, but it has trouble with bulkier materials that are thicker or come in greater numbers – cereal will end up scattered around if you try and avoid this by lifting the floorhead off-ground; there isn’t an option available on setting Overall Satisfaction Score 

to turn brushes OFF either so they keep going everywhere when I don’t want them too! The Shark Rocket Ultra Light would be better suited since its performance does not suffer when there’s no carpeting present.

Low-Pile Carpet Performance:

The Dyson V7 is a great vacuum for low-pile carpets. It cleans well on hard surfaces and picks up large debris like sand, but its performance becomes even better when the dirt compartment has some room to empty out because it won’t get clogged as easily with finer particles such as baking soda or powdery substances found in most homes!

High-Pile Carpet:

Dyson V7 is a great vacuum for high-pile carpets. It does well on fine debris like baking soda but struggles more with larger objects such as sand which ensures its performance stays consistent the longer you use it – perfect if that’s what you’re looking forward to! If not, I would recommend trying out Shark Wandvac System WS620 instead since they are known to perform better overall during testing.

Pet Hair Floor Performance:

The Dyson V7 is a great product for pet owners. With its ability to tackle both bare floors and carpets, it’s no wonder this vac has received so many five-star reviews!

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The Dyson V7’s floorhead is not as powerful, so it might have some trouble pulling debris embedded deeply within shag carpeting. However, its 100W motor still provides adequate suction for general cleaning jobs and can draw out dirt from cracks or crevices that other models wouldn’t be able to reach without getting stuck on obstacles like pet hairballs!


The Dyson V7 is a great fan for those who want to keep their home cool and comfortable. It’s not as powerful or loud, which makes it perfect if you’re trying not to draw too much attention from others around them with your voice – like when whispering conversation sounds fairly normal except its slightly quieter than other models on the market right now selling at similar prices point-and odor wise also does an excellent job controlling these things!


The Dyson V7 is a great vacuum for homes with carpets, as it has good maneuverability and removes heavy dirt. However, the swivel on its main motorhead gets stuck in one position if lifted too much–so be careful when cleaning rugs or else they may get sucked into your floorhead! The most powerful setting might also cause problems pushing around because of how strong suction pulls at these types-of surfaces but luckily there’s an option to change from ‘Powerful’ mode back down again without losing any power output.

Pet Hair Furniture Performance:

The Dyson V7 is a great tool for dealing with pet hair on furniture. Its powerful mode does an excellent job of removing most strands, but some small amounts might be left behind if you only make one pass and use the turbo brush attachment in this setting too much (it uses up the battery quickly). The max effectiveness comes from using its maximum suction settings; however, these are not as convenient or easy to Pitmaster switch between different tools while cleaning because they require changing out bags after every 10 minutes.

Air Quality:

The Dyson V7 is an excellent stick vacuum that does a great job of capturing fine debris. It has the same powerful motor and filter system as other models in its line, which makes it easy to see why this device captures so much pet hair!


The Dyson V7 is an excellent vacuum for light-duty cleaning. It has trouble with deeper crevices due to its weaker motor, but it does well enough when you need something cleaned up shallowly or at least have another person assist in lifting out debris from these tight spaces so that the brush doesn’t get stuck while trying on their own accord.

It’s recommended to use extra tools such as vacuuming your stairs since they’re particularly difficult spots because there may be cords attached which makes getting under them hard without assistance.


With the floorhead that comes with this vacuum, you’ll be lucky to get deep stains out.

Final Words:

The Dyson V7 is an excellent stick vacuum that can clean up pet hair and fur around the home. It’s powerful enough to tackle most areas, but don’t expect it to do heavy-duty cleaning as that would require a more powerful motor and filter system. Maneuverability is good when you’re switching between carpets and hardwood floors, but be aware that it can get stuck in one place if you lift it too much. The turbo brush attachment is great for cleaning furniture, but the battery won’t last long if used on the highest power setting. In short, this vacuum is a great option for light-duty cleaning and pet hair removal around your home!

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