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Samsung Jet 70 Pet Vacuum Review

Samsung Jet 70 Pet Vacuum

You may have seen the Samsung Jet 70 Pet vacuum cleaners on sale at your local retailer and wanted to get one for yourself. The problem is, you’re not sure which model would work best with what type of floors or whether they even make them in different sizes! Well, luckily we’ve got answers (in more ways than one) below…

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Our Verdict:

On Bare Floor:

The lightweight and easy-to-clean Samsung Jet 70 is great for bare floors. The floorhead on this vacuum deals well with pet hair as well as small or large debris in cracks, crevices, etc., making it an excellent choice when dealing with such issues around your home! Unfortunately, its battery life isn’t quite as long (6 hours max) compared to some other alternatives but that doesn’t stop us from recommending this fantastic product all the same.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Deals well with pet hair and small or large debris

  • Battery life is shorter than some other alternatives (6 hours max)

Low-Pile Carpet:

The Samsung Jet 70 is an amazing choice for low-pile carpets. It does a fantastic job dealing with pet hair and large debris on this type of surface, as well as being fairly easy to maintain in comparison to other models available today! The pivoting floorhead makes it even easier when you need cleaning fast; plus its lightweight plastic construction means no noise whatsoever (unless someone walks over your rug tassels). However, there are some drawbacks – like sometimes getting caught by their long strands or getting stuck between them while vacuuming–so make sure they’re clear before usage.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Pivoting floorhead for fast cleaning
  • Great for pet hair and large debris on low-pile carpets

  • Can get stuck between long strands of fiber or tassels
  • Not as powerful as other models available today.

On High-Pile Capet:

The Samsung Jet 70 is a great option for vacuuming the high-pile carpet. It delivers exceptional overall performance on this surface type, easily sucking up pet hair as well as fine and large debris with no significant loss in suction ability when its dustbin fills up – which you can tell by how much more powerful it feels than other alternatives! The downside? You cannot adjust the brushroll height so these devices are prone to get stuck or caught within rug tassels; however, that shouldn’t be too much trouble since most people simply leave their house without completing all messy tasks such as sweeping behind furniture where small particles may have collected anyway due today’s impeccably clean carpets.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful suction ability when the dustbin is full
  • No significant loss in performance with increasing dirt content
  • Great for pet hair and fine and large debris on high-pile carpets
  • Can get stuck or caught between long strands of fiber or tassels
  • Unable to adjust brushroll height.

For Pets:

With its powerful motor and versatility, the Samsung Jet 70 is a great choice for anyone with pets. It easily removes pet hair on bare floors as well as low-pile carpets—and even high-pile ones too! The vacuum also features five stages of filtration which are designed to catch fine particles like pollen or dirt tracked into your home from outside sources that could potentially cause allergies when they’re released back out again by this machine’s specially designed mopping floorhead (which you can buy separately). However, it does little else besides remove most debris; stains don’t seem giveaways at first glance since there isn’t an extra tool included in the package for stain removal.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile and great for pet hair removal
  • Has five stages of filtration to catch pollen and dirt
  • Comes with a mopping floorhead (sold separately)
  • Does not have an extra tool included in the package for stain removal.

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The lightweight and portable Samsung Jet 70 is perfect for vacuuming stairs. This cordless vacuum can be easily carried up or down flights of steps without worry about tripping over its power cable, making it safe to use on all types of floors including bare woodwork as well as high/low pile carpets!

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cordless for easy use on stairs
  • Safe to use on all types of floors
  • Easy to carry up or down flights of steps
  • Short battery life
  • Only comes with one filter


This lightweight, portable vacuum is great for cleaning the inside of your car. It has attachments that make it easy to reach even hard-to-clean areas and comes with a crevice tool as well! You can also use this handy machine on things like seats or floors if you need an extra hand cleansing them properly – just attach its flexible extension into tight cracks/crevices first before using it again.

The Samsung Jet 70 will be able to help keep both of you safe while driving around town since there’s no more danger from dirty windows near traffic lights plus all those tiny germs in the car that can get stuck in any nook and cranny.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can reach hard-to-clean areas with attachments
  • Has a crevice tool for reaching tight cracks/crevices
  • Can clean seats and floors

  • Short battery life
  • Only comes with one filter.


The Samsung Jet 70 is a great all-purpose vacuum for both bare floors and low-pile carpets. It excels at cleaning cracks, crevices & crumbs while being lightweight enough to maneuver easily around your home or office space! If you want an extra special feature though there’s always the option of purchasing their specialized mopping attachment which will help deal with stains quickly before they have time to get worse – but remember: this won’t work well if liquid substances need to be sucked up (we’re afraid).

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight & maneuverable
  • Great for cleaning crevices and crumbs
  • Optional mopping attachment for stain removal
  • Not suitable for liquid spills or messes
  • Pricey compared to other all-purpose vacuums

Sizes and Variations:

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is one of the most stylish robot vacuums on market, with its sleek design and simple color scheme. The drawback? It’s only available in white! But don’t worry – if you want this powerful but lightweight machine without having to paint your living room again (or pay someone else), we’ve got an easy solution for that: just purchase the Cleaning Station accessory which turns any robotic cleaner into a handy dustbin full myself!. Not only does this make emptying the Jet 70 quick and easy, but also prevents you from having to clean up all of the dust bunnies beforehand.


Build Quality:

The Samsung Jet 70 is a lightweight, but a durable vacuum that’s made of mostly plastic. It has some metal components with an elegant matte finish to it – which can be scratched easily if you’re not careful! The charging station also requires assembly however this process isn’t too complicated or long-winded because everything fits together perfectly in my opinion

The controls on the handle are glossy substances so they’ll probably Scratch Easily.

The dustbin is made of transparent plastic, which makes it easier to see when it’s full. The dust filter can easily be removed for cleaning and if necessary you can replace it with a new one.

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With a few simple precautions, the Samsung Jet 70 is easy to maintain. Parts that need regular cleaning are fewer compared with its similarly designed sibling -the 90 complete!

Dirt Compartment:

The dustbin can be removed by pushing on its top edge, which will release a button near the middle. If you want to clean it or replace either filter part then just take these steps: first, remove both micro-filter and cyclone assembly from inside; next do whatever method of cleaning is required (I usually wash mine with water); last put everything back together again in reverse order!


The cyclone filters are designed to keep your air quality high by catching all the dust, dirt particles, and other allergens that come into contact with it. To clean this filter simply twist clockwise until you hear a definitive click which will separate them from each other; use an included tool if needed after separation for stubborn areas on both sides before washing regularly or storing away when not in use!

Micro Filter:

The microfilter is located above the cyclone and can be pulled free by its grab handle. You should clear away any stuck-on dirt regularly or else it will clog up your system, so wash this piece of equipment off with water once a month to avoid problems!

Hepa Filter:

when you’re done vacuuming, remove the vacuum from its docking station and twist it to unlock it. Take care not to break or bend any parts as this may result in poor performance! Once unlocked simply pull up on one side until it unlocks then slowly twist counterclockwise until popped out slightly before releasing entirely so that no force is applied which can damage internal mechanisms inside your device- remember: never wash these filters with water because they will lose effectiveness quickly if wet while still dirty. The best way to clean these is simply by tapping them against a flat surface like a table or countertop.

Brush Head:

The floorhead is easy to unlock and remove. Just push on top of the head until you hear a click, then slide outwards towards yourself for removal! The brushroll tends to be pretty dirty with pet hair so often but it is simply cutting away any tangled mess after removing will make cleaning up quick work every time. To make sure this part of your vacuum is doing its best job, give it a once-over every few months with a soft brush to remove any built-up material and make sure all bristles are straight so as to maximize effectiveness when cleaning.

Brush Tool:

Make sure you use the crevice tool to get into those hard-to-reach places.

The Vacuum has an LED light on the handle that indicates when there’s a clog, brushroll obstruction, or misshapen filter. You should also make sure to dry all parts thoroughly before putting them back into your vacuum as too much moisture can cause damage and result in poor performance!

Recurring Cost:

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet incurs impressively low recurring costs. You can easily forget about your monthly expenses when you’re paying a such little sum for this amazing machine! Its smart, user-friendly design makes operation a breeze and there are no plumbing headaches to deal with either – just pure convenience at every turn.”


The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is easy to store, thanks mostly because its wand isn’t telescopic. This means you can set the cleaning head at an ideal height for storage without having any extra cord or tool overhead that could get in your way when using it later on! The low-profile wall-mounted charging station has enough room inside of it so two different types (but not all)of tools from this awesome little machine are always handy and ready to use – just grab one right off their hooks designated just for them! Meanwhile, all filters, brush rollers, and other parts should be kept in a dry place to keep their effectiveness intact over time.

Dirt Compartment:

With a dirt compartment that can hold up to 0.5 L of waste, the Samsung Jet 70 Pet is well-equipped for your average cleanup project! This machine comes with an indicator light and doesn’t require any bags – just add water (or other cleaners) if you want more than what’s already inside so there will be no need to investigate online stores to look at prices when this happens again in the future weeks.

In the Box:

  • Samsung Jet 70 Pet Vacuum
  • Dirt Compartment
  • HEPA Filter
  • Cyclone Filter
  • Micro Filter
  • Battery
  • Wand
  • Turbo Action Brush Head
  • User Guide
  • Tools and Brushes
  • Mini Motorized Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Combination Soft Bristle Brush and Upholstery Tool
  • Charging Station
  • Wall Mount
  • Power Adapter 
  • 2x Screws
  • 2x Wall Anchors


Yes, the Samsung Jet Light VS70 is a cordless vacuum. It has an average range of up to 30 feet without extension or suction power loss due only to battery life limitations (5). This means you can clean easily throughout your whole house! With this convenience comes some trade-offs though: since there’s no wand attached like on older models, finding just enough height might be difficult sometimes- but don’t worry because all parts are included within reach even if they’re at opposed heights; finally, the system is programmed to shut itself off after 25 minutes of continuous use so you won’t ever have to worry about over-exhausting its battery power.


The Samsung Jet 70 is impressively portable. It weighs considerably less than some other alternatives like the Dyson V15 Detect and feels light in your hand, making it easy to hold onto for extended cleaning sessions!

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The Samsung Jet 70 Pet has okay battery life. It can last for almost 50 minutes when used in its most energy-efficient “MIN” mode with only the crevice tool attached, which is comparable to what they advertise of 40 m uninterrupted run time on vacuuming problems or carpets high pile enough that you need more than just floorhead suction power but don’t have much carpeting at home so this won’t affect your day too badly if things go wrong!

Features Quality:

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet has some great extra features that make life easier. Its floorhead pivots for better maneuverability in crowded areas, and there are three separate power modes you can choose from using the ‘+’ and – buttons: MIN mode (energy-efficient), MEDIUM setting(medium) which is what most people would use as their everyday vacuum; MAX whenever I need maximum strength extractor fans! If buying the Spinning Sweeper attachment mounting onto it will start off WET with default settings but if something goes wrong, an easy-to-use LCD display will show you the problem and help you troubleshoot it in minutes.


The Samsung Jet 70 Pet comes with a couple of nifty tools and accessories. There’s the miniature turbo brush for cleaning upholstery, crevice tool to get rid of debris in cracks/spots that aren’treachable by hand (perfect if you have pets!), plus soft bristled rush mat paired nicely alongside an extra fluffy steam cleaner head called “Swimming Pool.”


The handy Samsung Jet 70S is a great vacuum for those who want to clean up small areas and it comes with two head options – one that’s perfect if you have hardwood floors, linoleum, or carpet; another made specifically as a handheld device. If your home needs more than just spot cleaning though there are other products available on the market too! You can buy an additional Spinning Sweeper Floor Head which will allow this appliance to serve double duty by being used like ordinary mops (to remove stains).

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On Bare Floors:

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is a great option for those looking to clean their carpets and floors on the go. With its powerful motor, you’ll easily be able to get rid of all small debris like rice or larger material such as cereal!

On Low-Pile Carpet:

The Samsung Jet 70 is a powerful machine that delivers excellent performance on low-pile carpets. It’s able to remove fine debris like baking soda with no problem, and sucks up most larger objects such as sand without hesitation!

On High-Pile Carpet:

The Samsung Jet 70 is the perfect floor cleaner for high-pile carpets. It cleans much better than other alternatives like Dyson V15 Detect when it comes to dealing with fine debris and larger material on this surface type!

On Pet Hair Floors:

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is a fantastic choice for pet owners. This vacuum cleaner can clean both bare floors and high-pile carpets, as well as low-pile ones with its rotating brush roll that’s easy to remove hair from once you cut it away at the source!

Suction Process:

The SamsungJet 70 offers good suction power on its floorhead. Despite using a less powerful 150W motor than the Professional series, which uses 200-watt motors to generate higher force results; this vacuum was tested in “MAX” mode with both heads and wand from other models for comparison purposes

It provides similarly impressive performance when compared side-by-side against competing products that have been seen at lower speeds or lack additional features such as Turbo Action Technology.


The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner that won’t distract from your conversation while it cleans. Its default settings are quiet and fairly lightweight, but using the max setting will produce more noise so use this only occasionally or when necessary

MIDpower mode if you don’t want others around chatting away!


In contrast to other upright vacuums, the Samsung Jet 70 is lightweight and easy to use. It does not have a suction trigger that must be held onto for extended periods of time which makes it more comfortable than some models with long handles or handlebars. The floorhead doesn’t get stuck on shaggy carpets either because this vacuum cleaner comes equipped with pivoting bristles so you can clean underneath tables without getting too close!

Pet Hair Performace:

The Jet 70 does a decent job dealing with pet hair on furniture. While it’s possible to use the loose attachment hinge and the inability of this vacuum cleaner to collect really fine particles as an advantage, most people would rather have their machines be able to clean large areas without pulling away excess fur from soft-bristle brushes frequently or having trouble getting stuck inside crevices where the carpet meets upholstery

In contrast to situations like these – where I’m cleaning my home office which has velvet sofas covered in booster seats – the Samsung Jet 70 Pet truly shines. It’s able to easily pick up all excess pet hair with its powerful suction, thanks to its turbo brush and deep-cleaning roller.

Performance Against Stains:

You can see a video of the Samsung Jet 70 Pet Stick clearing away stains with its specially designed “Spinning Sweeper” attachment here, and an image showing what happens after it has been cleaned by this accessory.

Water Clearing

The Samsung Jet 70 has a few accessory options that make cleaning easier, but it’s not perfect. The vacuum can’t suck up water and doesn’t come with any type of special attachment for dealing with wet surfaces – you will have to purchase separately if this is something your household deals in! However, there are some great videos online showing how utilizing different types of floorheads helps clear away all sorts go spilled liquids from hardwood floors or carpets alike so making sure they’re cleaned regularly should be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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Final Words:

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is a great vacuum cleaner for pet owners looking to make sure their floors are free of hairs and dirt, but it won’t be able to handle all messes that come with pet ownership. It can clean most surfaces effectively, but the lack of wet-cleaning accessories means you’ll need additional attachments or supplies if you want to tackle tough spillages. This machine isn’t without its flaws, but overall it’s an affordable and efficient way to keep your home clean!

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