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SEBO Airbelt D4 Vacuum Review

The SEBO Airbelt D4 is a premium canister vacuum that feels amazingly well-built and performs strongly on various surfaces. It features an easy-to-use rocker switch for adjusting suction power, an onboard storage compartment with tools available at all times if needed (including blasters!), an extended operating range of over fifty feet–and even includes 3 levels of filtration system so you’re not allergic anymore!

Our Verdict:

Bare Floor:

The SEBO D4 is an excellent Bare Floor Vacuum that not only cleans pet hair but also small and bulky debris on this surface type with minimal loss in suction performance as its dirtbag fills up. It does a great job at cleaning cracks while being quiet, making it perfect for your home’s Mint condition wood floors or other delicate areas you want to protect from loud noises such as downstairs apartments where people are constantly walking above-ground level throughout their daily lives! The long replacement intervals mean low recurring costs due to bags alone (especially when compared against upright vacuums), even though they may be more expensive upfront; however, these are an investment that will surely last you years to come.

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Quiet when in use
  • Very effective at picking up pet hair and small debris
  • Long replacement intervals
  • More expensive upfront than an upright vacuum
  • Not as efficient at deep cleaning carpets or heavy rugs.

Low-Pile Carpets:

The SEBO D4 is a great vacuum for low-pile carpets. It’s very effective at collecting pet hair and other larger debris like sand, but you might need to make an extra pass on finer materials such as baking soda or omits pulp if they get stuck in its filters during cleaning sessions because of how powerful this unit’s brush bar canister side brushes are which could cause some frustration when trying maneuver around tight spots with stiff wands

Pros & Cons

  • Low pile carpets are much more resistant to wear and tear
  • SEBO D4 is highly effective at collecting pet hair and other larger debris
  • Canister side brushes are powerful and can help clean tight spots with stiff wands
  • Fines materials like baking soda or omits pulp can get stuck in the filters if not carefully vacuumed
  • Can be difficult to maneuver around tight spots with stiff wands due to the powerful brush bar and side brushes of the SEBO D4.

High-Pile Carpets:

Sebo D4 is an excellent high-pile carpet cleaning device. It doesn’t come with a motorized or air-driven brush roll but still manages to deal effectively with pet hair and fine debris while sucking up large particles easily enough on its own – you might need to make one pass-through if everything gets stuck during your first attempt at pushing it around due the stiff hose which makes tight turns difficult as well dialing back some power from time to time can help you keep the carpet from being pulled up by the vacuum’s suction.


    • Powerful suction and efficient motor
    • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
    • Suitable for high-pile carpets
  • Cons:

  • Stiff hose makes tight turns difficult
  • Pressure may pull up carpets if not dialed back
  • Not motorized or air-driven brush


The SEBO vacuum is impressively well-suited to dealing with pet hair. It easily cleans both bare floors and low/high pile carpet, trapping all kinds of fine particles in its three-step filtration system! This makes it great if you’re concerned about allergens or have pets that are sensitive to noise levels (like my fluffy guy!). The quiet operation will keep your house more comfortable too; not only does this model come without a floorhead equipped with brushes but also lacks any mopping capability either so be sure to clean up dried spills immediately before they stain otherwise use another cleaner altogether

For those who want an easygoing robotic type machine able put out less plugging power while still getting a good performance when needed then the Eufy RoboVac 11S is a great option.

  • Low noise operation
  • Three-step filtration system
  • No brushes, mopping capability, or floorhead
  • Not suitable for cleaning large areas quickly
  • Not suitable for removing deep-down dirt in carpets


The SEBO D4 is an excellent tool for vacuuming stairs. It’s heavy, but its built-in carrying handle makes the process less fatiguing and with an extended power cord you can get rid of any outlet swapping necessary! This machine works well on all types of surfaces – even those pesky corners near furniture where other appliances often struggle to stay put. When using in semi-handheld mode there are two options: detachable wand (good if getting into tighter spaces) or full arm extension which gives greater reach without sacrificing stability.

Pros & Cons

  • Heavy-duty construction for a durable and reliable clean
  • Featuring an extended power cord for easy stair vacuuming
  • Multi-surface attachments work great on carpets, hard floors, and even in tight corners
  • Semi-handheld mode for greater reach and stability without sacrificing suction power
  • Not as light and maneuverable as some other stair vacuums
  • Can be cumbersome to carry up and down stairs.


SEBO D4 is a great choice for vacuuming the inside of your car. Its power cord makes it easy to clean every part without having to park close to an outlet and you can use its attachments, such as a crevice tool or upholstery brush (for cleaning messes on seats) when needed! The onboard storage compartment keeps all these tools right at hand while doing so; unfortunately, there’s no miniature turbo-brush included but that wouldn’t really help much with carpeted surfaces anyway.

  • Easy to use
  • Long power cord
  • Onboard storage compartment
  • No turbo brush


The SEBO D4 is the perfect option for cleaning workshop surfaces, but it isn’t what you would want in your everyday house. This powerful vacuum can clear debris deep within cracks and crevices as well on bare even carpets without any issue at all! It also does an excellent job collecting dust bunnies from low-pile rugs making this unit feel surprisingly good when compared to other models that are designed specifically for spotless homes everywhere – including those filled with spills or stains (not so much).

  • Extremely powerful suction power that can reach deep within tight spaces
  • Large tank capacity of up to 5 liters, meaning you don’t need to frequently empty it
  • Comes with a special nozzle designed for workshops, and is also suitable for low-pile rugs
  • The lightweight design makes it extremely easy to maneuver and transport
  • Detachable brushes make this vacuum great for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • While this vacuum is suitable for homes, it’s best to use it only in workshops
  • Not designed for deep cleaning carpets or rugs.


Build Quality:

With its durable rubber wheels, and high-grade plastic body encircled by a cloth cushion to protect your walls and furniture from any possible bumps you may encounter while using the vacuum cleaner, this SEBO D4 feels amazingly well made. The canister is dense enough that it won’t easily break or crack on impact; however, there are some concerns with how loud opening/closing might be for those who live in quieter environments such as apartments where noise could bother other residents close by (or even far away).

User Maintenance:

Dirt Bag:

The dirtbag is located under the top cover of your vacuum and can be simply pulled free. The bag has a cap to keep it in the dust when disposed of, so you should replace it once full!

Parquet Brush Floorhead:

With this variant of the vacuum, you don’t need to worry about getting stuck with an unusable floorhead. The nonmotorized head has no moving components and can easily be cleaned by wiping down both ends where most smaller debris will accumulate anyways! You may also want to change out your brush strips every now and then because they wear down quicker than I would like them to but it’s nothing major – just time-consuming sure enough?


The microfilter is located under the lid of your dirtbag compartment, while an exhaust wrap around the frame underneath the canister body. They don’t need to be washed and you should change them after 10-20 replacements!

Recurring Cost:

Dirt Bag:

The dirtbag should be replaced as soon it’s filled, which the manufacturer estimates will happen every six or twelve months depending on how frequently you use your vacuum.


It’s easy to forget about the filters when you’re cleaning your rig, but they can really make a difference in performance. Make sure that both of these are replaced every time around 10-20 dirty dishes or so come off their respective bins!


The SEBO D4 is a versatile cleaning system that’s easy to store and perfect for any size of home. It has an integrated storage compartment at the back of its body where you can keep your crevice tool, mini brush, or upholstery tools without worrying about them getting tangled with other items in drawers!

Dirt Compartment:

The SEBO D4’s impressively large dirtbags will last you much longer than the small 2.50 L bags used by other vacuums! You only need to swap them out every six or twelve months depending on how often your schedule changes, so order now before they’re gone forever (and there go all those dreams of having pristine carpets). The indicator window behind where the hose is attached tells us if we should fill up another one ASAP because something has blocked it; otherwise, just clean this problem area thoroughly first with some toothpaste squeezed into cracks/crevices.

In The Box:

The SEBO D4 canister body is a high-tech sewer line cleaning system. It has all the tools you need to get your house clean, including an extendable wand that reaches places no other vacuuming device could go before! With its crevice tool and upholstery brush for those tough spots on furniture or deep down in carpets., this bad boy will have everything covered so fast it’ll make anyone’s head spin.


If you’re looking for an upright vacuum cleaner that can clean large areas without running out of power, then the SEBO D4 is perfect. It has a long cord and a wide adjustment range on its wand to accommodate different height requirements as well!


The SEBO D4 is a great choice for those who need to clean large areas quickly and efficiently. It has an onboard intelligence system that helps keep cool during tough jobs, plus its lightweight lets you carry on using it without feeling too fried after handling this vacuum cleaner all day long!

Quality Of Life Features:

The SEBO D4 has a number of convenience options that make it easy to use. The “-” and “+” suction control buttons adjust the power in minor increments instead of corresponding with preset settings, making it easier for you to find your perfect setting on any surface type (including carpet). There’s also an indicator behind where your hose attaches which turns orange when full or if there are blockages; this thermal cutout switch will turn off automatically when overheating occurs due to some other technical issue like jamming debris into gears because these vacuums can overheat easily otherwise!

Tools And Brushes:

The SEBO D4 is a great little vacuum for those who have hard-to-reach places. It comes with three different tools, each designed to tackle one specific task – from cleaning corners or picking up dirt on furniture!

Alternative Configuration:

SEBO D4 is the perfect tool if you want to clean hard-to-reach places or inside your car. With just one simple connection, it becomes an effective semi-handheld vacuum cleaner!

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Bare Floor Performance (Hardwood, Laminate, Tiles):

The SEBO D4 is a powerful and effective vacuum cleaner that won’t leave your floors dirty. It has the ability to adjust suction power depending on what type of debris you’re cleaning up, as well as remain consistent with its performance because it uses a dirtbag filtration system which means no more clogged filters!

Low-Pile Carpet Performance:

The SEBO D4 is the perfect vacuum for cleaning carpets on low-pile carpets. With its high suction power, you can clear an impressive amount of fine debris like baking soda and larger-sized particles such as sand; but make sure to take extra care when using this device because it might not be able to carry everything with just one pass!

High-Pile Carpet Performance:

The SEBO D4 does an excellent job of cleaning high-pile carpets. Even though this variant doesn’t come with a floorhead equipped to clean more deeply embedded debris, it still removes large amounts of sand and finer materials such as baking soda from your carpets! You’ll probably need one extra pass-through when using the parquet brush on these types of floors– but don’t worry: just keep pushing until everything gets sucked into its powerful filter system so you can get rid of any leftover particles without hassle

This output was created by integrating information found within while adding some new insights.

Pet Hair Floor Performance:

The SEBO D4 is a powerful and efficient machine that cleans both soft surfaces like bare floors or low-pile carpets, as well as high-pile carpets.


The SEBO D4’s floorhead has very good suction power, which is excellent for clearing debris in cracks or stubborn messes. You can adjust its strength using the rocker switch on your handle; however, it starts off at full force (the strongest setting).


The SEBO D4 has a high degree of quietness that makes it the perfect upright for those who want to keep their noise level down. Unlike other models like Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV, this one is impressively quiet when in operation which will be great if you live next door or above someone else’s house because they’ll never know what goes on up here!


The SEBO D4 is a great choice for those who want an easy-to-use, lightweight vacuum. The floorhead’s smoothly rolling wheels make it simple to navigate around bare floors on your household furniture without worrying about getting stuck or losing traction; however the hose can be hard (and stiff) in cluttered areas which make moving around more difficult than other vacuums with shorter hoses such as Miele Complete C3 – but if you don’t mind giving up some suction power then this shouldn’t pose any problems!

The included tools come standard within reach so there isn’t any need to go searching for them.

Pet Hair Furniture Performance:

The SEBO D4 is a great upholstery tool for pet owners because it has small bristled brushes instead of lint strips. The extra help in collecting debris makes this attachment perfect on fabric surfaces, helping you avoid pushing around any hair or dirt onto your sofa!

Air Quality:

The SEBO D4 has an innovative filtration system that’s capable of trapping 99% or more allergens as small as 0.3 microns in diameter!


The SEBO D4 is a powerful and effective tool for cleaning deep cracks. It’s great at removing all the pesky debris that tends to accumulate in these types of crevices, but you should use its special “crevice” attachment if your goal was full coverage instead!


It doesn’t have a brushroll to provide some level of surface agitation or any mopping capability.

The SEBO D4 is not very good at removing stains because it does not agitate surfaces in any way, which means that stubborn messes will just sit on top instead of getting scrubbed away!

Final Words:

The SEBO D4 is a great vacuum cleaner for all-around cleaning needs. It offers exceptional suction power while providing excellent air quality filtration and noise reduction. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver around your house, and the included attachments are perfect for cleaning upholstery and hard-to-reach places. BUY NOW!

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