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Shark Rotator Brush Roll Not Working Fixed

shark vacuum repair

Shark vacuum cleaners work very well and you feel good to use them. Normally you will not face any kind of big issue during the use of this product but sometimes you notice that the Shark rotator brush roll not working. Everything took place so all of a sudden and also unexpectedly, you do not know why shark vacuum brush not spinning and what should you do? This article will help you learn the reasons and walk through one of the most efficient means to manage this situation and shark vacuum cleaner troubleshooting.

Despite being as effective as it proves to be, Shark vacuum still poses some obstacles for individuals. One of the most discouraging troubles of Shark navigator is shark navigator dlx brush not spinning.

If you are not used to Shark vacuum cleaners, you can be frustrated by this issue in which the shark rotator brush roll not working . Nonetheless, this issue can be solved quickly and prevented completely by using our method and ideas mentioned below for shark rotator professional vacuum troubleshooting.

How Shark Rotator Brush Roll Works

In nature, sharks are expected to be very trusted and reliable with practically no competitors in the entire world. In the vacuum cleaner era, the Shark vacuum cleaner has a very high place and position.

Thanks to the activated brush roll setting, Shark cleaners have such reliable power. The vacuum cleaner’s wheel brush roll is powered by a drive belt to get down deep right into carpets. Besides, it draws out all the ground in the dirt so as to make your carpeting look fresher as well as clean.

Sometimes, there are still a number of problems here such as the shark navigator vacuum brush not spinning. These troubles are inescapable for most products. Luckily, the checklist of troubles causes shark lift away deluxe brush not spinning. Currently, we will experience some common causes of shark professional vacuum brush not spinning. After that, we will provide numerous fixing tips.

Reasons for Shark Rotator Brush Roll not Working

There are several causes that make the issue of the brush roll of shark vacuum not working properly. If you find these reasons, you will easily resolve this trouble of shark vacuum roller brush not working easily and quickly.

The first factor which can cause shark vacuum brush won’t spin can be loosened outlets. This can make the plug lose an electrical connection which protects against power from reaching the vacuum cleaner and shark rotator brush roll not working.

Another common reason for shark navigator brush roll not working is that the power switch is not on On position in the brush roll placement. Besides, the brush roll of the Shark vacuum wheel will certainly not engage when the nozzle is not seated properly.

In addition, shark rotator brush not spinning as a result of stuck hair and also other similar things. These can wrap themselves around the brush roll of the Shark rotator, which causes the shark rocket brush roll not working.

How To Resolve The Shark Rotator Brush Roll Not Working Problem?

After figuring out the reasons which cause the issue shark professional vacuum brush roll not working, you can fix it conveniently. We can do it with the ideas listed below:

  • First of all,  make sure that the power switch is in the brush roll setting. Currently, you have all plugged in, and also the power switch is in the setting of the brush roll “II”.
  • Secondly, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is connected and also has a certain link to the outlet. If outlets are loose, this can enable the plug to shed a firm electric connection. Therefore, it can prevent power from reaching the vacuum and shark navigator lift away pro brush roll not working.
  • Check for blockages or particles. In fact, having a bunch of people with lengthy hair running around your office or home can cause problems. All that hair is meant to be a stubborn enemy. If you do not inspect regularly as well as do regular maintenance, hair and also various other similar debris can cover itself. That can cause shark rotator professional brush not spinning
  • After that, now examine the vacuum nozzle. After doing all these things, you still discover that the Shark vacuum brush not spinning. You recognize, the brush roll of the Shark rotator will not engage if the nozzle is not seated in the right way. The production programs this assist to secure the vacuum from damage. If shark navigator brush not spinning You can ensure every little thing remains in order just use light pressure downward on the nozzle.
  • The last thing that you can do is switch off as well as unplug the vacuum before performing anything for safety and security, after that utilizing scissors to cut away the things like that are causing shark navigator not spinning. If the shark rotator brush won’t spin after you have complied with these actions. Call customer care service for further assistance.

 Shark Navigator Vacuum Troubleshooting

Sometimes doing and checking all the things in your vacuum did not help much and you think why my shark vacuum is not working ? Here is the answer to your questions. Follow these simple steps to shark navigator troubleshooting

The vacuum cleaner is not activated or The vacuum won’t power on

1-On/Off switch not on or broken

Check shark vacuum power switch. It is a very common issue that you can find almost all kinds of electrical home appliances that also causes shark rocket powerhead brush not spinning. Dual checking that the vacuum switch is simply on can assist to solve the shark vacuum brush roll not working problem. If the button is pushed on, however the vacuum cleaner still will not power on, maybe that the button itself is damaged and also needs to be changed. Do not do it by yourself, call the customer care center for assistance.

2-May Not Plugged in Properly

Ensure the vacuum cleaner plug is plugged in properly and has a safe and secure connection to the electrical outlet or it will certainly not switch on and shark rotator vacuum won’t turn on as a result. A method to check this is by gently wiggling or stretching the cord to ensure the plug does not freely and easily  fall out of the electrical outlet.

3-Cable is Broken or Reduced

Sometimes shark vacuum stopped working If the cable is damaged or severely damaged this will certainly quit power from reaching the vacuum cleaner and shark navigator freestyle brush not spinning. Immediately switch off and disconnect the cord in order to safeguard yourself from electrical shock. Call the customer care center for assistance and replacing the cord or cable and resolve the shark vacuum problems

4-Tripped Circuit Breaker

Sometimes in the start powering up the vacuum cleaner can create the breaker to trip because vacuums can draw a lot of power if the vacuum brush roll not spinning. If the breaker was stumbled the first thing you should do is to begin by inspecting the breaker on the outlet. To reset the breaker just press the reset button on the breker. If the electrical outlet doesn’t have a breaker after that you may require to locate your circuit breaker panel and see it the breaker for that outlet wasn’t tripped for shark rocket troubleshooting.

5-Reset the Suction motor thermostat 

Almost all good electrical equipment and home appliances and vacuum cleaners have a thermostat to avoid any kind of damage to the suction electric motor if it becomes overheated with the vacuum brush roller not spinning. You need to do troubleshooting shark vacuum. This triggers the vacuum to shut off until the suction electric motor has cooled off. In order to reset  you have to find shark navigator reset button to reset the suction motor thermostat you should follow these steps if shark vacuum just stopped working:

  • Disconnect the shark intertek 4005850 vacuum cleaner
  • Wait 45 minutes for the vacuum cleaner to cool down if shark rotator won’t turn on
  • Lower the switch to the “Off” position for shark vacuum troubleshoot
  • Look for a clog or obstruction in the tube, hoses, brushes or filter; unclog the hose and also change the filter if the shark vacuum motor stopped
  • Connect the Vacuum cleaner in; push down the button to the “I-On” placement to begin the vacuum

If the vacuum cleaner still does not start, call the customer care center and do not open the device.

5-Shark Vacuum Brush Motor Loss of suction

In this problem the vacuum does not get or suck any dirt when being utilized there could be many reasons some of them are.

  • Full Dirt Cup 

Sometimes a shark vacuum not working in the sense that it rotates but does not get or collect dirt. If the Dirt cup is full of dust , there is nowhere for the dirt to go when vacuuming. To fix the trouble, you should know how to take apart a shark rotator vacuum, remove the dust cup by the handle on top as well as empty the dust mug.

  • Clean the Filters

If the shark rotator no suction it could be due to closed and clogged filters. If you have not cleaned your filters recently then you should not say why my shark vacuum won’t turn on, it might be why your vacuum cleaner has shed suction. To clean up the filters, remove the dirt cup and also take out the 2 filters which are located under the dirt cup. Then get rid of the HEPA filter at the face of the vacuum cleaner by raising the lock holding it in position.

Rinse the filters with water up until the water runs clear. Let the filters dry completely before putting the back in the vacuum. If still shark navigator lift away brush roll not working and the vacuum cleaner still doesn’t pick up dust, you might need to replace the filters. You can purchase filters online.

  • Blockage Shark Handheld Vacuum Troubleshooting

Even after doing all the processes mentioned above, your shark rotator roller not working or shark rotator overheating and the vacuum cleaner is not getting any dirt or dust, there might be something obstructing the sucking tube or hose.

How to Fix a Vacuum Brush Roller Blockage

To shark rotator repair there are 3 major places and  areas that you should check for blockages if shark vacuum roller brush not spinning:

  1. The hose pipe or suction tract
  2. Behind the brush roller
  3. The dirt cup duct should not be full of dirt.

How to Check Clog Behind the Brush Roller

If shark navigator brush won’t spin take these steps

  1. Lay the vacuum down 
  2. use a Flathead screwdriver or if they are openable with hands use what is suitable to transform the locks holding the tube opening in place 
  3. if still there is issue and shark rotator roller brush not working check for an blocking around the area where the brush roller spins

Inspect the dust mug duct if shark vacuum roller not working to confirm that there is not any blockage in that part , Remove the dirt cup, Check the air duct connected to dust cup


If there is no obstruction there and  still shark rocket brush roll not working, the next action is to check for a clog in the hose pipe or suction tract:

  1. Press the handle release switch to access the tube attachment of the vacuum
  2. Look for blockages at both ends of the hosepipe


It’s ideal to make sure there is no blockage in the tubes, hoses, dust cup or below the panel where the roller brush spins and also the filters are tidy and clean. If none of these services address the issue and shark navigator brush roll does not turn on then it’s possible the suction electric motor might have a problem and shark rotator vacuum brush not spinning. It is better to contact customer care center to resolve the issue or shark professional troubleshooting

Shark Vacuum Roller not Spinning How to Repair Shark Vacuum

IF the shark nv510 31 vacuum has power yet the shark duo clean brush not spinning it could be due to these issues.

Disengaged Hose Nozzle

For the roller brush to spin and rotate properly the nozzle needs to be entirely affixed, even if the vacuum cleaner has power. If it was not attached in the right way it would cause to  shark rotator stopped working. Check to see if the link is limited by weighing down on the nozzle to fix and  to boost the attachment. If that does not work and the shark lift away brush not spinning, unplug the vacuum cleaner and disconnect the nozzle. Check for dirt and blockage. Remove blockages and also particles from the nozzle. Reconnect the nozzle before turning on the vacuum cleaner once again.

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The roller brush button is off

If the hose nozzle is clear but shark vacuum not rotating. Examine to ensure the vacuum is switched over to the right setting. The button needs to remain in the on position setting to make the roller spin. If it is in simply the power mode the roller will certainly stagnate. The brush roll indicator light ought to be eco-friendly when working. After shark rotator vacuum troubleshooting The brush will just rotate when the vacuum cleaner is slanted back. If the shark vacuum brush roll is still not working the button shark rotator micro switch that finds may need replacing.

Broken Belt

If the shark navigator beater bar won’t turn on it could be due to a broken belt of vacuum. The belt is made use of to rotate the roller brush. If the roller is not spinning the belt may be broken or worn out and needs changing. Make sure that the belt is in good condition if the shark rotator stopped working.

Wheels of Vacuum not Working 

Shark vacuum not sucking and not not rolling throughout the ground and debris remains in the  wheels. Lay down the vacuum and check out if they  are extremely harsh and tough to press, attempt analyzing around the wheels for hair, dust,shark pet hair power brush attachment not spinning or some other product that could be securing one or both wheels in place as well as making resistance. 

If there are no noticeable clogs but shark rotator brush not working, attempt pulling the wheels off and also better inspect them along with testing to see if they will spin openly while removed. Otherwise, and also there are no visible blockage, hair, or threads, after that the wheels require to be replaced since their bearings could be old and also stuck and shark vacuum brush not turning.

The pin is bent or broken

If the wheels do not move in any way or are very tough to press then it could be that the pin is bent. You need to do shark navigator lift away troubleshooting for this you should know how to take apart shark rotator vacuum. Remove the bottom panel from the vacuum and check out the wheel pin for damages or bends, consisting of damages to the plastic around the pin that could be blocking the wheel from transforming and turning.

Clean the Brush

If hoover windtunnel roller brush not working, Eliminate debris from the brush to allow motion. The particles might be pieces of string or hair wrapped around the brush and shark rocket brush not working. Unplug the vacuum cleaner and use scissors to reduce the debris from the roller as well as pull it out with your hands to allow the brush to rotate.


In conclusion, if shark brush roll not working although a Shark hoover is supposed to be an excellent cleansing appliance. But sometimes we face shark rotator brush roll problems. It ends up being the cherished product of every house due to its powerful cleaning ability but shark rotator maintenance is the main thing. Despite the fact that often there are still a couple of problems here such as the shark vacuum won’t turn on so you can do shark navigator freestyle troubleshooting that mentioned above. Such as where you will find a shark rocket reset button. However, these issues are inescapable for each item such as shark rotator nv611 have different reviews than shark nv95 review, and also we can solve these issues by shark rotator professional troubleshooting properly.

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