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The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Review

The Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite canister vacuum is a new compact canister that simplifies floor cleaning. This sleek canister has mighty brush rolls that help deep clean your carpet. It also comes with a six-piece attachment of tools specially designed for cleaning stairs, furniture, drapes and upholstery. Thus, it quickly picks up all the dust and pet hair. What’s more, the canister vacuum has made cleaning the car interior easier since it sucks up all the dirt from the car seats and the sides.

With this powerful and user-friendly canister, you can be sure to clean just about anything. The six-piece set of tools contains a sturdy hose, an upholstery nozzle, two extension wands, and a crevice tool. 


Lightweight and powerful

It weighs less than 9 pounds making it easy to maneuver spaces where dirt and allergens hide. The powerful brush rolls deep clean carpets leaving them dirt-free. The canister comes packaged in a Eureka 3670 Mighty Miteshipping box where the dusting brush is placed at the top of the box while the crevice tool is located within the handle of the item.

A 12 amp motor

The canister vacuum has a 12 amp motor that creates a mighty suction that makes cleaning fast and efficient. The six-piece attachment on board provides easy access to hard-to-reach spaces. The two extension wands, for example, help pull out any cobwebs from the ceilings as well as clean drapes.

Triple filtration bag system

It comes with a triple filtration bag system that purifies the air when cleaning while getting rid of allergens from your home. Apart from cleaning bare floors and upholstery, it is ideal for vacuuming wood floors and tiles.

Blower port

The most outstanding feature about Mighty Mite is its ability to blow dust from keyboards, sawdust from garage floors and other work areas. This blower port differentiates it from other canister vacuums.


Tips on how to use Eureka 3670G

  1. First, attach the hose to the front of the canister and join the extension wands to the hose handle. Then, lengthen the telescopic wand by pressing the lock button downwards and pulling the wand till you reach the desired height.
  2. Lock the slip ring on the hose handle to allow maximum suction. You may join the combination tool, turbo nozzle, and crevice tool to the end of the nose. For additional length/height, connect the wand to the hose handle first.
  3. If you wish to use the blower port, disconnect the shoes from the front of the canister and attach the fan to the backside.
  4. For maximum efficiency, change the dust bag frequently. Remember, the dust bag and the filter keeps the vacuum cleaner operational. If the bag and motor filter become clogged, for example, little or no air can pass through thus no cleaning can take place. The bag easily comes out for a no-mess clean.
  5. When vacuuming it is important to change the carpet fresheners, powder, plaster dust, or any other similar fine substances regularly. This is because such fine articles may inhibit airflow consequently reducing performance even before the bag is full.




This canister vacuum is small but powerful. Many users rave of its excellent performance on bare floors and low-pile carpeting. What’s more, it gets rid of pet hair from couches and rugs that may be difficult to vacuum with other models as they often create too much suction.

Durability and maintenance

It is extremely durable. Most users attest to its durability with very few complaints about the malfunction. Backed by a one-year warranty many user reviews on say the Mighty Mite has lasted for years.

Portable and easy to use

Weighing only 9 pounds, the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite is easy to maneuver, portable, and compact enough to store. Its short 20-foot power cord, however, means you have to keep on unplugging to clean large areas. Its swivel-in-floor head can easily slide under low-sitting furniture. Moreover, the suction control is conveniently located on the handle for you to adjust as you please.

Removable extension wands

The two extension wands offer great flexibility to you as you can adjust the desired length. Thus, you not only clean floors, vents, and upholstery but also hard-to-reach areas that other upright vacuum cleaners can’t reach.

Very affordable

The price of this canister vacuum makes it an attractive buy. You can be sure to spend less than sixty bucks including a one-year warranty. It’s definitely, a bargain you can’t ignore.

One-year warranty

The device comes with a one-year warranty. The warranty allows you to return the product should it break down or fail to meet your expectations. The manufacturer may replace or give a refund.

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HEPA Filter option

The Mighty Mite canister vacuum does not have HEPA filter option. Thus, not as powerful to act as a leaf blower.

Vacuum bags require frequent changes

Since this canister vacuum is relatively small in size, the bags are also very tiny thus regular changes may be required for larger jobs. This is because the bags often get filled up with debris.

Makes a lot of noise

Though small in size, this little gadget can make a lot of noise. However, the noise is tolerable compared to other kinds of canister vacuums.

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Where to buy

The most favorite online stores to purchase the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum are:


The sites offer the device at great discounts and free shipping. You can also go through the customer reviews to get a feel of what to expect. Moreover, the gadget has a rating of more than four stars.

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